Blossoms The Beautiful Tool For Effective Communication

Blossoms: The Beautiful Tool For Effective Communication

Have you ever wondered why flowers are always present on different occasions? And how does its absence have a direct effect on it? Is it incorporated just for aesthetics or is there something more behind it? Well, let’s find out.

Flowers: A Tool for Communication

The use of flowers as a tool for communicating emotions can be dated back to ancient times wherein the use of words is considered taboo that is why flowers were used in communicating instead. Its meaning even alters depending on the type of flowers that were used and how it is represented. In the Victorian Era, a bouquet of red roses that were presented in an upside-down manner can be taken as a form of anger that is why certain rules were established back then in flower giving. This kind of custom did not even exist until now, in fact, it is even added. For example in courting, flowers of different kinds convey different feelings. If you know the meaning behind those flowers and colors, then it is more likely you can make your crush say “yes” to you. But if you are unmindful, then it can put your romantic affairs in an unpleasant situation. The same is true with corporate events, the color of the flowers must complement the theme, or else it will throw your venue in an incomplete imbalance.


Why Do We Use Flowers?

Below are the following reasons why people used flowers on different occasions.

If words fail to communicate, flowers will.

Flowers are powerful tools in communicating feelings, and this is evident during the courting stage. Confessing your feelings to the one you admire is worrisome and it can make you tongue-tied. To end this agony, giving your special someone flowers will convey the meaning clearly that you like them.

Flowers can lift any mood.

In general, flowers have a therapeutic effect since it comes from mother nature. It speaks of life, enjoyment, gratitude, and satisfaction, especially if they are given fresh.

It enhances aesthetics.

Flowers are commonly incorporated as designs as it enhances the visual impact of the venues, workplace, and homes.

It encourages intimate connection.

Flowers always carry meaning around them. It is a way for people to express their feelings without using words. Hence, flowers are not limited to aesthetics only.

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