How to Have a More Mature Look

How to Have a More Mature Look

There comes a certain age when you’re now ready to tell the world that you are now a mature woman. When this happens you would need a wardrobe update. You could enjoy some style changes that will make you feel like a mature and highly capable individual. When you do this, it is likely that people will take you seriously and respect your opinion. The rule of thumb is never to surrender your sense of individuality when you start investing in mature fashion.

Stick with the basics

Always invest in neutral colors. Most people associate bright colors with youth and the more subdued ones for mature adults. There’s no need for you to let go of the bright-colored tees. All you need is to wear an earth color coat on top of it. Remember that you can always pair up bright colors with grays, blacks, browns, and the likes.

Avoid revealing clothes

Anything revealing and a bit complicated with your look would make you look younger. Choose a more conservative look. This will allow your personality and abilities to stand out instead of your visual appeal.

Invest in a shift dress

This is the type of dress that is flat and often sleeveless. This hangs down from one’s shoulders and does not hug the body. It’s a good dress to wear for any casual or business-casual occasions. If you want to seal off the look with a more mature finish, choose only the neutral colored shift dresses.

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Get a pantsuit or suit in an earth color

Suits can do wonders in helping you exude a more mature appearance during business meetings. A thick material like wool will give off a more professional and mature look. When you reside in a tropical country, try a tropical wool pantsuit to ensure comfort and good quality. Avoid wearing anything too big or boxy. This will make you younger than you look.

Get more button-down blouses and shirts

These shirts and blouses are considered a mainstay in most women’s closets. Keep a couple of these in your closet to ensure a more mature fashion when you need one. Women may try the silk blouse. This is a great way to add charm to your mature look. If you want something that will go well with a suit, try the ruffled blouse for a bit of flair.

Look for a great tailor

Nothing can beat a tailored suit, a pair of pants, or jacket. You may try some off-the-rack outfits that are tailored to your body well. A slight alteration could make a huge difference in making you look more mature.

Don’t forget to tuck in your blouse

A hanging blouse or shirt or a half-tucked one could make you less mature and in control.