Tanning Removal – Home Remedies For Tanning

Tanning Removal – Home Remedies For Tanning

Summers can be fun and exciting. But from excessive exposure to the harsh rays of the sun, one could readily get tanned. There is a wide range of beauty products available in the market for tanning removal. But one can look at the natural way to cure tans that could be handy for removing the tan to get clear and radiant skin.

Benefits of home remedies over cosmetics

There are profound benefits of home remedies over cosmetics that make them suitable to serve as beauty products. Here are a few among those:

  • Have fewer or almost zero side effects on the skin as they comprise pure medical values.
  • Prove to be effective against illnesses such as pimples, acne, burns, etc.
  • Are not harsh on the skin. As these do not contain any chemicals, they are mild.
  • Need not to be searched. Home remedies contain the basic things one uses for daily chores. Hence, these are readily available to the users.
  • Are affordable as compared to cosmetics and other beauty products. One can buy home remedies without spending tons of money on them.
  • Are harmless. The components of home remedies find use in household chores. Naturally, one would use safe and harmless ingredients for cooking or medicinal purposes. Hence, home remedies would prove to be harmless to your skin.

Check out these home remedies for tanning removal

Lemon juice and honey

Lemon juice has bleaching properties, whereas honey will keep the skin nourished and soft. It can bring down the tanning to a great extent.

Turmeric and gram flour 

Mixing turmeric and gram flour with milk or curd will help exfoliate the skin and remove the suntan.

Potato juice

Surprisingly, potato juice helps in removing inflammation and sunburns. It reduces pigmentation and treats tanned skin.

Sandalwood powder and coconut water

Sandalwood and coconut water are laden with properties that help reduce tanning.

Tomato juice

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and also act as a skin-lightening agent. They will help reduce the skin damage caused by the sun.

Lemon and yogurt

Lemon and yogurt have skin bleaching properties. Lemon helps brighten the complexion. Meanwhile, yogurt nourishes the skin.


Cucumber has cooling properties, but it also helps reduce dark spots, fine lines, pigmentation, and dark circles to a great extent.

Home remedies might take time to show results, but eventually, it is effective compared to other cosmetics.