Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extension procedure

Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extension procedure

Women spend a lot of dollars each year trying to get longer, luscious, and fuller lashes. While mascara may suffice for some, some women simply haven’t had the hereditary bonanza when it comes to long eyelashes. Eyelash enhancements are a reasonable option for getting long eyelashes, however here are some things one should know before one goes!

How do eyelash extensions work?

The individual lashes are dipped in a clinical-grade cement and fixed in the normal lash. This cycle is done with each lash, so it may take some time. Cement can last about 4 a month and a half, depending on how cautious one is (the more one rub the eyes, clean and so on, the faster the cement wears out). On the chance to get normal final details (glue reuse), the lashes can last longer. One cool thing about eyelash augmentation is that it tends to be personalized for one. One can choose the shading, surface, and length of the lashes, so whether one needs a smoother or ultra-shiny look, there’s a lash for one!

What are the disadvantages?

While this interaction is for the most part seen as protected, there are a few things one should know before deciding to do an eyelash extension procedure.

eyelash extension procedure


This interaction is not modest! One can spend anything in the range of $120 to $500 for a bunch of lashes (I even knew silk lashes for $700 – my God!). Also, one will need to consider the cost of final details (or fills), which can be $40 or $50 per visit.

Incidental effects

The two key concerns when getting eyelash enhancements are glue response and breakage. Some women may find an unfavorably susceptible response or affectability to the cement used to attach the lashes, especially in the eye region, which is delicate anyway. Be sure to notify the esthetician in advance if one has concerns about sensitivities – it may be necessary to require a correction test before obtaining the augmentations. Likewise, regular extensions can cause hair breakage (excessively pulling or pulling can damage hair follicles and possibly cause baldness).

Different things to consider

How long the cement continues is subject to how cautious one is with extensions. Unnecessary eye rubs, face washes, oil-based cosmetic removers, and mascara would be able to wear away the glue, causing the lashes to fall out more often and requiring more final details.