Uncover Your Beauty With An Eyelash Extension Procedure

Are you self-conscious about your appearance? Do you want to be stunning? The most significant portion of the body expresses the unspoken messages in the eyes. Using kajal, mascara, and eyeshadow to enhance the look of your eyes may give your face a distinctive look. It may sound strange, but attractive eyes can impress everybody who comes into contact with them.

So, if you’re tired of your everyday eye makeup, try a permanent remedy to add volume and highlight to your eyes. The Lash Company Singapore offers the most enticing treatment, called eyelash extension, which provides your eyes a dazzling appearance.

And here’s some icing on the cake information for you in this piece, which will provide you all the information you need about the organization and the services and facilities it offers. So let’s get this party started.

About Lash company

The Lash Company was formed in 2016 in Singapore to provide the best eyelash extension procedure possible. Its goal is to become the leading eyelash extensions service provider by continually providing superior value and a unique individualized experience.

Types of eyelash extensions procedure

  1. Natural classic extension

The Natural Classic is never short on volume or style, and it’s always delicious. Natural Classic creates the illusion of a thicker lash line while remaining natural, delicate, and elegant. Create a natural, daily appearance that may be worn day or night. It yields a total of 120 strands.

  1. Full classic extension

Full Classic emphasizes the majority of makeup and aids in the creation of stronger appearances and beauty. The enhanced volume gives your eyelashes a new depth. It gives you an unlimited number of strands, up to 250, depending on your natural lash count.

  1. Hybrid set extension

Hybrid lashes combine the best features of both classic and 2D volume lashes. It employs a technique that incorporates both single-strand and volume extensions strategically placed across your lash line. Hybrid lashes are a modest upgrade from traditional lashes, with a fuller lash line and fluffiness from volume lashes.

  1. 2D volume extension

The theatrical flair of the 2D Volume is thick and puffy! With a complete all-around look, 2D Volume achieves utmost definition while balancing elegance and opulence. It also comes with an unlimited number of strands, up to 500, depending on your natural lash count.

  1. Full volume extension

You can get up to 800 strands with the Full Volume kit! Along with the intense fluff, a dramatic eyeliner appearance is achieved, ideal for clients familiar with lash extensions and enjoy fullness and intensity.


Thus, investigate the lash firm for eyelash extension procedures to boost your eye beauty.