What is a cocktail dress?

What is a cocktail dress?

A cocktail dress is a women’s dress worn during semi-formal occasions. The length of the cocktail dress varies according to local fashion and customs. Its length can vary from just above the knee up to the ankles. On semi-formal occasions, less elaborate cocktail dresses, shorter or with trousers can also be adopted https://www.impulseboutique.com.au/

When should you wear a cocktail dress?

The fashion of wearing cocktail dresses dates back to the 1940s when actresses used to wear elegant dresses for their afternoon events. These dresses were supposed to be chic , classy, ​​but they had to stand out from the evening dresses.

They must be formal clothes but not too much, to be used for aperitifs and business lunches and all those events that take place in the morning and until 6pm.

The colors can be black (even if not total black) or pastel colors and floral prints. The preferred fabrics are lace, chiffon, silk and georgette. You don’t have to choose a dress, you can opt for trousers or a suit, as long as it is very refined and elegant.

My Dress Code Cocktail

Some time ago I received an invitation to attend a very glamorous event. It was a lunch in a very elegant restaurant, together with other fellow bloggers. The invitation just said “Dress code cocktail”. The choice of the outfit was not easy at all: we are in a ballerina season, one day it is hot and the next day it is cold and what if it rains? How do we put it?

cocktail dress

Immediately discarding dresses that are too short, too low-cut and sleeveless, I chose high-waisted satin palazzo pants, at least I would not have frozen my legs, on top I put a shirt and instead of the jacket I combined a leather jacket with the edges of metal.

Accessories For Dress Code Cocktail

The shoes to choose are strictly with the heel , even not very high but do not dream of presenting yourself to an event with sneakers or, worse, amphibians. In summer, sandals with heels are also great. The choice of the bag will fall on a shoulder bag, a clutch bag or in any case a small bag.

Typically, cocktail attire is knee length, although if a woman wears a simple straight skirt, longer is acceptable. A skirt and jacket or evening dress can be worn for a cocktail, especially when paired with an elegant top. Cocktail attire usually suggests fun, so a woman shouldn’t look like she’s going to a business meeting.

Jewelery and accessories

There is room for some flash and sparkle in cocktail attire, but it’s best to practice in moderation. A jewel that matches the outfit or catches the attention can really enhance the look without being flashy; a cocktail ring, a watch or a pair of earrings are all that is really needed. Bags should typically be small, such as a clutch bag, evening bag, or trendy bracelet.