The essential things you must have when you have a newborn baby

The essential things you must have when you have a newborn baby

Many people believe that you should start buying baby clothes once the baby is born. It will help you to be prepared once they come out. But most parents are already buying blankets, shoes, clothes, or houses to transfer once the baby is out to be more comfortable. Although what are the necessary things that you need to buy and it doesn’t have to be complicated. While you’re listing the baby items you have to consider the appearance of having a baby.

A newborn baby needs to have sets of clothes and accessories for different occasions. Here you will learn the necessary things for you to be easier especially when you’re a first-time parent.


It is the first thing you need to buy when you’re expecting a baby. It must be comfortable and organic baby clothes. It could be cotton-based and soft fabrics. You also have to avoid clothes that have glitters, ribbons, sequins, and buttons as they might be dangerous or might have skin irritation. Avoid buying too many clothes as babies are growing fast. While you buy baby clothes you also have to consider the weather conditions.

  • Sleepsuits – you need to have full bodysuits for your babies. This type of clothes is easier to change and dressing. You need to have a dozen sleepsuits that have press-up buttons in front of the neck to ankle.
  • Tops – changing your baby might be quite hard as your baby is tiny and soft. You have to avoid tops that have buttons on the back or over the head. You can have 5 to 6 tops that have open fronts so it will be easier to change.
  • Socks – you have to keep your baby’s feet warm all the time when the temperature drops or once you go out. You can buy 3 cotton pairs of socks that have nice patterns for your baby to keep them comfortable and warm.
  • Caps – when you have a newborn baby they need their heads to be covered with a cap, hood, or blanket to keep them warm.
  • Swaddle cloth – this type of clothes is perfect for newborn babies as it keeps them protected from cold temperatures.

organic baby clothes


Once the baby is out it is advisable to sleep in your room for a few months. But it is necessary to have their own sleeping room. When you decide to have the baby’s room it needs to be safe and secured. You have to add sheets and blankets depending on the weather condition to make it a little cozy bed for your baby.

Nursing clothes

For new mothers, you have to choose light fabrics and nursing covers as it is useful during the feeding time. You have to buy great quality nursing bras, tops, and nightwear. It is also advisable to use dark-colored clothes to hide stains of breast milk. Wearing dark clothes will not hide the stain. You can use nipple shields or breast pads. Aside from clothes you have to use a nipple cream to protect your skin.

Breast pumps

There are electric, manual, and battery-operated breast pumps that are available in the market. It will depend on your needs on what kind of breast pumps you have to buy. Not only breast pumps but also accessories such as bags for storage, clips, bottles, and labels. These will be convenient while you’re pumping breast milk.