What all are the requirements for babies

What all are the requirements for babies

With the arrival of cold temperatures, parents are afraid to leave their children in the open air, because they fear for their health. In reality, if well covered and taken out in the middle of the day, they have less chance of being exposed to infectious agents than they have if they remain in poorly ventilated places for a long time. In fact, close contacts with other children or, more generally, with sick subjects, are one of the main ways of transmitting infectious diseases … the best way, therefore, to protect the child, is not to keep him at home or in somewhere closed in the warmth, but to let him out as long as he is dressed properly: never forget a hat, a scarf and gloves if the temperatures are low Sommerfugl Kids.

Hats, scarves and gloves, in fact, serve, in particular, to prevent the heat that the body produces from being dispersed. These garments represent a protective barrier against the cold and adverse atmospheric agents and in particular the hat is essential to protect the head, because 30% of heat loss occurs through the garment.

But in addition to being a useful accessory to safeguard the health of our little ones, the hat can become a real fashion accessory, trendy and often also nice.

What all are the requirements for babies

Saying hat is really very generic, because there are hundreds of different models.

From soft bonnets for newborns , to cute caps in the shape of animals , monsters and cartoon characters (which are a favorite with school-age children) to hats with a peak suitable for the trendiest teenagers, all to be combined with coats during a winter outing or to complete an outfit with a bohemian flavor. In short, apart from duty, caps and hats are that trendy accessory that help define a style.

All our feeding bottles have an anti-colic function and are easy to use, assemble and clean thanks to the small number of parts and the wide neck.

Millions of mothers have relied on anti-colic bottles for over 30 years. Combined with the AirFree ventilation system, the anti-colic bottle allows the baby to ingest less air while drinking from a full teat. It also allows you to breastfeed your baby in an upright position, reducing common breastfeeding problems such as colic, gas and regurgitation.

The Natural bottle is our most innovative bottle. It combines all the benefits of anti-colic bottles and is equipped with a teat that resembles the shape and feel of the breast. This makes it easier for mom and baby to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

They prevent ear infections thanks to the patented low vacuum valve, which naturally compensates for the vacuum created during sucking and allows the baby to feed physiologically and effortlessly , as with breastfeeding. They prevent colic, regurgitation and reflux thanks to the special anti- colic cannula, which prevents the formation of air bubbles in the milk.